K-day two


Bit of a rough night. The hospital is lovely but it officially has the nastiest pillows known to humankind. The pillow is like a piece of hard slippery plastic wrapped loosely in a cover (which keeps sipping off). It is extremely flat. It does not support the head or neck. It’s an anti-pillow.


Oh yes, it looks innocent …

So I slept poorly and then when I did sleep I apparently snored so loudly that Black Mountain Tower trembled.*

My poor roomie needs a medal for that; and another for tolerating my Creeping Lavender.

Word of advice: don’t recharge your hankies and lavender pillows just before coming to hospital. The scent that seemed gentle and delicate at home will grow and grow and eventually choke people three floors away.

Everyone is being nice but I feel a bit of a liability. The Captain has been asked to bring in a decent pillow and with luck the Wall Of Lavender will have receded a bit by tonight.

My ketamine is being increased but apart from being quite dizzy and a little ill I am not feeling a lot of pain relief. I’d be indignant – I was promised pain free time – but my roomie who has done this before was very positive about the longer-lasting benefits of the infusion so I am just going with the flow.

My intention today is to read a bit, enjoy music, do some walking and stretching, and send some of the lavender home with the Captain.

Okay: breakfast of (ketamine) champions. Unexpectedly, a full cooked including bacon, eggs and tomato, toast, cereal and yoghurt. A bit of rib-sticking to cushion the impact of the ‘special K’ …

It’s National Horse Racing Day, so enjoy your chicken lunch and please please pleeeeease don’t wear a stupid boofy fascinator.**

(My own Melbourne Cup outfit consists of a fetching pair of peacock-blue jimjams, darlings.)


* Which explains what you heard last night.

** Seriously, don’t go out with half an exploded chicken on your head. Don’t be that person.


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