What’s the issue with mason jars?


You don’t need a mason jar.

If you happen to have a bunch lying around and they’ve been there for years and they are just really useful, that’s probably different, although if you go about sipping green concoctions from them, you will definitely look like a try-hard. Sorry.

However, if you race out to the shops and buy an incredibly expensive mason jar from some overpriced trendy kitcnhenware shop, then you definitely are a try-hard, and you are making me grumpy.

If you buy an expensive set with HANDLES for drinking your organic kale superfood coconut activated filtered whatever, you are making me extremely grumpy.

If you use that set complete with cutesy stripey paper straws to drink superfood berry wheatgrass rubbish at your ironic-poverty wedding and label those ruddy jars with witty brown paper and kitchen string, please go away. You will find this blog quite offensive.

Yes, this is my allergy to trendiness typing.

Okay, I actually think mason jars are useful things, especially for their intended use of preserving and bottling. Let’s stick with that, shall we?

Drink your smoothies out of a bloody cup, like a normal person.


This is me, in my PJs with unwashed hair, grumpily drinking my kale sodding smoothie from a cup – like a normal person.


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