About this grumpy lifestyle blog


Join Blossom Darling, an ageing, fat, grumpy aunt, in her battle with chronic pain as she dips a reluctant foot into the world of ‘low intervention pain management’.


This is not low-intervention. I call it ‘breakfast’.

Blossom likes tea, animals, 1930s fashion, jazz, jumpers, all her nieces and nephews, gin, whingeing, effective pain relief, and Scotch eggs.

She does not like trendy stuff, or those lifestyle blogs that feature gorgeous young healthy creatures dancing about in meadows, and hand-making locally-sourced vegan quinoa kale superfood smoothies then taking soft-focus photos of them with stuff written on blackboards in the background, then blathering about how perfect life is. Not at all.

Blossom is allergic to mason jars.


Blossom, being grumpy.


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