Who are the players in this grumpy lifestyle?


You can’t be a grumpy lifestyle person on your own – no fat, cranky pained woman is an island.

Here are the main people who are guiding me through this minefield of trendiness (ugh) and healthy rubbish.

The Captain

My husband and favourite person. He does not contribute to my grumpiness. He is a highly intelligent geek who is my dear partner in all things, and he often astounds me with his wisdom (which is nice because I thought he’d put all his points into Int *). In my besotted eyes he looks just like David Niven, only better.


Darla Darling is my long-lost twin from an alternate reality. She has been my business partner for a long time now, knows me actually better than I know myself and is just as grumpy and jaded as I am. She also utterly adores beautiful fresh food and pleasant exercise, so is a great lifeline in this quest for something resembling sufficient health that I don’t feel like devouring the livers of the unrighteous with my fangs every second day. ** Darla dresses better than anybody I have ever known.


Dear geeky friends of The Captain and I. We have all known each other for a long time and meet regularly to do geeky things and eat. In the Olden Days we used to eat horrible junk food and far too much caffeine. In our enlightened years we eat food that is becoming embarrassingly healthy. I think it may be rare to have a group of friends who don’t bat a collective eyelid at any sudden dramatic dietary or general lifestyle changes that might crop up as we all get older – as long as the changes are well-documented and not dangerous. This is because the SNRPs are all extremely intelligent.

My family

Each and every one completely wonderful. I am very lucky. They don’t make me grumpy very often, except that sometimes I find it difficult to meet family expectations and to keep up with the very fit and lively ones. This makes me grumpy because my family is important.

My medical team

I would dearly love to tell you all about the various personality traits and foibles of my crucially-needed medical team, but as they are all local professionals I’m not sure that would be reasonable of me. Let me just say that they are all excellent professionals who I trust, a number of them have quite witty humour, I number one among my good friends, and some of them dress amazingly nicely.

    • My GP
    • My counsellor/nutritionist
    • My rheumatologist
    • My neurologist
    • My pain specialist
    • My physiotherapist
    • My massage therapist

My colleagues

I work part-time at a nice place. I value my work and wish I could manage full-time, but since I spend quite a lot of my work day trying to ignore mounting pain, that is not possible at this time.

My colleagues are great value. They know of my issues and are happy to work with my needs. I try to give a lot to my job, because it isn’t every day a grumpy person like me can have such a good workplace.


* A geeky joke.

** Fibbing. I would not do that.


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