Sunset and name my IV


I’m all settled in my hospital room now. Without wasting a moment of time, the good folks here have slapped in an IV, got my ketamine started on a low dose, which will be gradually built up until I beg for mercy, and administered an anti-emetic because ugh ketamine.

I have a bed next to a window, and am happy that I am sharing the room with another nice person. The view from the window is actually very pretty looking right out over many trees and distant hills. I’m glad to be able to get sun on my face this week, even if it’s only through glass.


Not so rough 

From experience now, these are the things that will really start to matter as the week progresses. Access to natural light, something distant to rest my eyes on, trees and birds and weather to enjoy.

My roomie and I have already agreed that hospitals are no place for sick people. I’m lucky that apart from my usual pain and fatigue and anxiety, I’m not really sick.*

When you do feel worse than usual, you want comfort and familiarity and sofas and Netflix** and that particular type of tea from your special teapot; you want hot water bottles and cuddles from your pets and to be able to take your paracetamol without checking with the nurses first; to be able to take a warm bath, or pop into the garden to see how your seedlings are going and have a chat with the evil butcherbird.

What you really don’t want is a noisy brightly-lit heavily air-conditioned environment with uncomfortable beds, many strangers***, and food that has been sitting for a long time served at unlikely times, and being woken numerous times throughout the night to be inspected.

These things are hard enough when you do feel fairly normal! By mid-week that lovely view over the mountains is going to stop being sort of nice and start being entirely necessary to mental health.

So yay, lucky me to have it!

I’ve just enjoyed a spectacular sunset plus a small flock of flycatchers whizzing around doing their flycatchery business. At this stage it feels like it’s going to be all right.

Now, important stuff. I haven’t named my IV unit yet, and since it’s going to be with me every second for the next five to seven nights, I feel that it deserves one. So I’m looking for inspiration. Send me your thoughts!

* Er. Okay. By ‘not sick’ I mean ‘health being poorer than usual’. I feel pretty normal, by my standard definition of normal.

** Still no wifi. Sob.

*** Albeit very kind ones.


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