K-day four: science!


This is the patient lounge, and that coffee is my coffee. I have crept out because my poor lovely roomie now has the Dreaded Migraines and could definitely use a quiet dark room.


And I could use a normal non-bed space.

Let that be a warning to all: in a sample study of two people, anecdotally ketamine causes migraines.*

I asked my pain specialist about that yesterday and he gave the sort of energetic whole body shrug that brilliantly conveyed that ‘eh, stuff happens’ and reminded me of one of the reasons I like him. This sort of efficient non-verbal communication is good stuff on the part of a specialist: it saves valuable time and money but also I really like anyone who isn’t scared to admit that human bodies are weird and nobody has all the answers.

I slept really well, apart from a rough moment at about 2 am when I woke to find a strange figure looming over me about to do something to my arm. The poor night nurse had ringing ears and my shriek probably woke the rest of the ward. Sorry.

Even that was okay as it gave me a moment to remember, remember the date. *** Happy Guy Fawkes! Remember, if you are partaking today, to please use proper Fire Safety Standards while publicly burning your human effigies. *****

I woke again at 7 am feeling generally refreshed and, apart from a bit of motion sickness when I walk, sort of normal. Ish.

Last night I mentioned in passing that my tongue had gone a bit numb (‘dy dungue ith dumb’) and to my surprise, because I assumed that it was small fry in the general whirligig of dizziness and weird dreams and pinprick pupils and stuff, a call was put through to the doctor and my ketamine was reduced back to 20 mg per hour. My tongue recovered quickly and apparently I’m to stay at this dose for a while.

So my dreams were (regrettably – sorry brain) only slightly more amusing than usual, and today I am reaping the rewards.

So taking the bull by the horns I quickly hoofed my entire utterly broomptious breakfast of tomato, eggs, mushrooms and a shy embarrassed hashbrown, and that too is staying where it should, and so I have a bit of ballast for my over-excited brain.

I completely put all this down to the comforting presence of my new friend Keta-lump the Stoner Elephant******, who was given to me yesterday and who has proven a great hit with the nurses. If somebody could convey to the young people who gave him to me that he is really helping me to get better, I would be grateful.

So I have two more sleeps until I can get home and I hope the next few days will continue more like this.

I shall leave you with Keta-lump. Isn’t he sweet?

*Science! **

** Oh, that was sarcasm. It wasn’t scientific at all. Just thought I’d better clear that one up as you can’t be too careful.

*** See what I did there? ****

**** Probably only English people understand that one.

***** Not that anything is likely to burn here today as it’s raining and very soggy.

****** More science!


One thought on “K-day four: science!

  1. Ruth Wright

    Have never commented to a blog before so may stuff up but just want Stoner Blossum to know that I am loving travelling the K journey with you. I think Keta-lump is an essential for the appropriate experience. Real bugger about the migraines. As a regular sufferer, I empathise, sympathise and terrify at having to go through it myself. You, Miss Blossom, are my hero this week. Super impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

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