First month on AIP: roundup


Today Darla asked me if I’m feeling much different now that I’ve been through four weeks of AIP.

I had to have a little think about it. A few other changes have happened since then, including a new specialist, new painkillers, slightly zhooshed * meds and changes in my work situation. So it’s kind of hard to tell which things are affecting what.

Certainly when I first started, for the first week or so I felt wretched. Fluey, almost. I believe this is not uncommon. Certain people would say it’s ‘toxins’ leaving my body, but I think my liver and kidneys have been managing that job for a while now. But my body was reacting to the huge dietary change, anyway.

At the same time my gut had it’s own reaction, and how! I assume all the baddie gut denizens were leaving in disgust, and the goodies hadn’t had time to recolonise yet. Gut went nuts. Less said the better.

After a while that settled down, though, and I have gone a week or two without thinking too much about how my diet is affecting things of a gutular persuasion.

Here’s a brief rundown of my first AIP month.

  • Back pain: still utterly revolting, but the souped-up painkillers might be kicking in a bit now.
  • Nerve pain: not quite so bad, although you’d have to ask Nerve King for specifics. (Of course, I have very recently bumped up my nerve medication too.)



Still present but not so severe, says Nerve King. Thanks, Nerve King!

  • Other pain: muscles still bad. Baaad.
  • Other autoimmune stuff: now this is interesting. I haven’t had any asthma since I started. I’m still taking preventative asthma treatment (a steroid puffer) but even so in this space of time I’d normally have still used my make-it-go-away puffer at least once – especially in this hayfever season! I’ve had hayfever all right, but no asthma. Hmmm … time will tell.


Nicely windy.

  • Gut stuff: currently good. In fact, very good. Many years of taking anti-inflammatory meds has worn away my stomach lining and given me nasty gastro-oesophageal reflux (‘GORD’). I take meds to treat that ** but even so it was only barely under control, still regular symptoms. However, not a hint of GORD for weeks! So. There’s that …
  • Other gut stuff: I’m regular as clockwork. You’re welcome.



Tick-took tick-tock BRIIING time for a poo. ***

So, there’s a quick summary. Overall, I think AIP is giving my gut a lovely chance to heal and build up it’s colonies of non-evil bacteria again. And it is probably having a good impact on my asthma, which is amazing in such a short time.

As for the rest of it, we’ll have to see. Two more very strict weeks! Then scary food re-introduction time …



* Dammit, Autocorrect, you should have learned how to spell ‘zhooshed’ by now.

** Yep, I have well-and-truly entered taking-meds-to-deal-with-side-effects-of-other-meds territory. Old news.

*** Sorry.


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