When I was first discussing this AIP idea with my nutritionist, I was happy with most of it. The only thing that concerned me was breakfast.

There really aren’t a lot of ‘breakfasty’ options on AIP. No eggs, no toast, no sausages, no cereal, no crumpets, no muffins … what was actually left?

I expressed my concern to the nutritionist. She said, ‘When you really think about it, there aren’t any actual rules saying you have to eat breakfast foods at breakfast, are there?’

I said: yes there are.

She persisted. ‘You can have anything you fancy from the AIP options! Leftovers from the night before, even!’

Me: but that’s not breakfast food.

The conversation went on for a while, but I think you get the gist. I just could not conceive of eating a meal at breakfast time that was not culturally (for me) designated ‘breakfast’.

eating guy

Take it away! It’s not breakfast!

So needless to say, this is the meal I’ve struggled with the most.

The AIP recipe websites all have marvellous breakfast ideas! Involving ‘breakfast sausages’ (they’re not), and ‘crepes’ (they’re not), and ‘smoothies’ (aaargh they are not breakfasty!)

I just couldn’t.

Except that I had to, because you have to eat something, so I started with the dreaded ‘smoothie’. Except they are trendy, and I hate the whole kale-smoothie-in-a-mason-jar thing to the point of okay yes, I know, I’ve already said this.

So I call them ‘zoozers’. Because I make them in my zoozer. Which, er, is what I call my blender. And I serve them in a cup like a normal human.

To start with, I was getting into all sorts. Friends who knew what I am up to were keen to offer me recipes, involving kale (yes, I drank it, but yes it was nice, okay, you can stop laughing now). Also fruit – green apples and stuff – and various veg such as beetroot, all whizzed up with some of my herbal teas for liquid.

My favourite, I must admit, was beetroot, green apple, kiwifruit, red kale (yes yes I know) and ginger. I zoozed it up and poured the dark red gluggy mixture into a glass.

The Captain tasted it and made a face. Not for him, then. But I liked it, mostly because it looked like I was drinking blood, and I get a bit macabre from time to time.

Pity it didn’t really like me. After a few days of various concoctions, my gut let me know it wanted something a tad less … roughagey, first thing in the morning.

Okay, so I tried a rather more creamy version, made with coconut milk. Ahhhh! Nope! Stomach Did Not Like.

At this stage I was missing REAL BREAKFAST foods, so I changed over to coconut yoghurt, thinking that perhaps something like yoghurt would be more readily digested by my choosy system.

I invented an AMAZING dish of coconut yoghurt, zoozed up with a banana and a couple of prunes (made two breakfasts worth). It tasted GORGEOUS and really filled me nicely. This is it! I thought.

It wasn’t.

Coconut yoghurt bad too.

Ooookay. Throwing caution to the wind, I made some beef-and-liver rissoles (masquerading as ‘sausages’ which they assuredly are not), and had a couple of those for breakfast. Slightly better, but still too rich for my body to break its fast, although they make a lovely lunch with some salad.

By this stage I was desperate for something to gently heal my gut, which was lurching around in blind panic *. I decided to spend a couple of days eating very austerely, and give my system time to recover. To aid digestion, I simply started the day by sipping some bone broth. **

And THAT, my friends, did the trick.

At last I had the basis of a breakfast that my body could handle. Also, it was very tasty and quite comforting, and surprisingly filling, although as a general rule it is best to add a little something else.

Now I have refined my breakfast to the following combo, every day, rain hail or shine (I’m a creature of breakfasting habit):

  • A cup of bone broth, whichever type I have made recently
  • Something with oil or fat in it to fill me up – I am going for half a fresh avocado
  • Some fruit, more FODMAP-friendly if possible

And this, as Goldilocks would say, is just right. Ahhhhhh.

Breakfast 02

This morning’s sunny repast.

It has the benefit of being portable – I chuck some hot broth in my trusty vacuum flask (which no longer says ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’: the ‘keep calm’ part has worn off. ***) Fruit is easy to grab-and-go, and so is half an avocado in a plastic container.

So now I am content with my breakfasting choice, and my gut is content as well. A happy ending.

(Except that it still isn’t breakfast food.)

Breakfast tea

And they all breakfasted happily ever after.

* It wasn’t really, obviously, on account of having no hands and no way to lurch by itself … oh, and also no eyes. That was a kind of metaphor-thing.

** Bone broth is lovely and a crucial part of the AIP, and I will rabbit on about it in a later post.

*** How ironic.



2 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Sue

    I sympathise. Breakfast time is quite tricky! I have been disappointed by coconut yoghurt. First lot I bought was mouldy and I returned it. Did not like the taste at all. I have minute steak and mushrooms for breakfast


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