Painkillers and whinges


Well, I took my first morning dose of the new painkiller today.

Here’s the summary:


  • no noticeable side-effects
  • much better sleep
  • clear head – no drowsiness, dizziness or weird euphoria
  • actually makes a dent in the pain for the first few hours.


  • still vile pain during the day at work.

It does feel a bit as though I’ve been kicked in the ribs by a horse at the moment.*


Self-portrait, done by me tonight

I was really really hoping for easier work days for a few weeks. Still, this could still be pain flare territory, and the tablets are designed for chronic pain. Perhaps if the flare eases they will kick in a bit more.

On a different note, several people have informed me that I haven’t been whinging enough. I am sorry to let down my huge fan base ** so here are a few heartfelt whinges to keep you all going.

Why do heat-packs cool down so quickly? Can’t CSIRO engineer a strain of wheat that will hold heat for more than 10 minutes? Get cracking, you lot!

When you are in pain your skin breaks out and your hair goes limp. At least, mine does. And I get a sort of nasty raspy whiney voice. What about the romantic Victorian image of a fascinatingly pale and elegant sort of suffering? How do I manage one of those? Should I be wearing corsets more often?

Why the merry bleeding hell do I always say ‘Fine thanks’ when somebody asks me how I am? I’ve even said that to doctors, for crying out loud. What’s with that?

Why, oh why, do pomegranates have to involve seeds? I am not eating seeds! But I wish to eat the pomegranate. Curse you, Nature.

The autocorrect changed ‘whiney’ to ‘Whitney’. Stupid autocorrect.

A small selection of whinges, no doubt many more to come.


* I haven’t actually been kicked by a horse.

** That was a sort of a joke: I don’t think I have a fan base.





2 thoughts on “Painkillers and whinges

  1. A. Fan

    Hmm, definitely more work needed on grumpyness. Pomegranate seeds? That’s not grumpyness, it’s just normal middle-aged cussedness 🙂 Also can you really say “it feels like I’ve been kicked by horse” unless you have? My grey-haired old mam once said that something tasted like a “a decomposing corpse”. I was too afraid to ask how she knew.


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