Storm’s over, time for a cuppa


My kettle is exactly big enough for one pot of tea and one hot water bottle. It’s slightly sad how well I know that fact …

I woke up this morning in a frightful state.

My pain levels continued throughout the night, and in the morning I’d had a nightmare all about work. Specifically, about losing control over my work, dropping the ball, letting people down. Ending my career.

‘Career’ is a bit of a trigger word for me at the moment. I have put a lot of work into getting one that I like, and which suits me, and my own health seems to be doing its best to stop me from actually having it.

Anyway that is a problem for another time. The salient fact is that I started the morning sore, weepy and depressed. I had been planning not to go to yoga, because I have been so very dizzy lately, and was worried I might topple over. But the Captain took one look at my teary little face and urged me to go anyway. ‘You have Cabin Fever,’ he diagnosed.

Turns out he was right. I went, and crept into the room with my mat and my backache, and within about five minutes I felt just like my cheerful self again.

It wasn’t the easiest class I’ve ever done, and I wussed out of a few moves that I feared might be too much, but I completed it, and had a laugh. *

Then I took Darling Dog for a walk in the sun, and when I got home I had come so far out of the depression that I’d flipped the other way and was almost euphoric.

Back still hurts – right now it’s probably about 7 – but I find I don’t care so much. I’ve been out, gotten some exercise and vitamin D, and now I am doing something wonderfully relaxing and indulgent.

Having a cuppa.

Until recently, I enjoyed tea but was really a coffee person. When I started AIP, I reluctantly reduced my coffee intake from two or three daily to one (my nutritionist said I could!).

I had also been drinking black tea, especially in the office, but to show willing when I started AIP I switched to green, herbal and fruit teas only.

And now I’m drinking them like a tea-drinking thing that drinks a lot of tea.

Like a champ, I started the whole process by dragging a friend to the best tea purveyor in Canberra – Adore Tea – to buy a metric truckload of the stuff to keep me going. **

Sit comfortably and I shall sing to you of tea.

This is what I got:

Soursop Sencha

Soursop Sencha ***

I taste-tested this flavoured green tea while I was at Adore and may have done one of those cartoon character things where you shoot into the air with your feet flapping, making a choo-choo train whistle noise. You know, the way one does. It smells like a perfume that I would like to wear and is very bright and – well, cheerful, is my best description.

Jasmine Balls

Green jasminey ball thingies

Another flavoured green tea, this time with Jasmine, which is among the finest flowers on the planet and I love everything about it. Comes in cute little balls **** which unfurl as the tea brews. Comforting.



Peppermint. Boring, but I sometimes like it. Settles the stomach. And, no matter what some people say, it does not resemble spat-out toothpaste (you’re welcome).


Berries of the Forest

Berries – literally just a bunch of different dried berries. Technically a fruit infusion, rather than a tea. It tastes just exactly as good as it smells. Which, er, you can’t. Unless you come over for tea. Or go to Adore and buy your own. Either way, actually, go to Adore and buy your own.

This pretty one which I have at work. It is quite … planty in taste, but I love it because it is pink. I’m a simple soul. Darla tells me it is quite good for the complexion, too, which is good, because work is many things, but good for the complexion it ain’t.

I also bought this teapot

Still life

The teapot is the one on the top right. And that’s a cup of berry tea.

… Because it’s pointless spending a fortune on beautiful teas if you don’t spend another fortune on a beautiful teapot to drink it from. I have another beautiful teapot, but I use that for my flavoured black teas only (the ones the Captain won’t drink because they are ‘too girly’. It’s an ill wind.) The idea is that the tannin from the black tea won’t mess up the taste of the delicate green and herbal teas. It’s a good excuse, anyway.

So there we go: tea, and I feel better. In fact, I feel okay enough to really enjoy my new favourite relaxing thing, which is a pot of tea, my pretty teacup (above), and a hot water bottle on my back, the sofa, a sleepy dog, and Debussy (which the Captain isn’t into because it’s ‘too French’ ****).

In fact that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Cheers!


* I am lucky enough to have joined the jolliest yoga group in Canberra. I’ve been to plenty which are full of wonderfully-dressed and equipped, fantastically fit young gorgeous people, all trying to maintain ‘serene’ faces and competing fiercely to be the Bendiest And Most Spiritual. My class, however, is a rather older group – I think I’m one of the youngest – and heaps of us have problems and disabilities and some of us are fat. Everybody is marvellous friends, everybody chats CONSTANTLY, including sometimes when the instructor is talking, sadly, and it is common for the entire class to giggle throughout an entire routine. It’s half yoga, half coffee-morning, with a hint of Christmas Day.

** I have consumed a fair bit already. Let’s say … hmmm … about a quarter of a metric truckload.

*** I have no idea what an actual soursop looks like. Nor have I attempted to find out. Preserving the mystery …

**** Fun for the dog to chase when you drop them, but not as much fun for the dog when they try to crunch them up. Pattooie!

***** I’m fibbing, he never said that. He wouldn’t: he loves French stuff. I think he just finds Debussy too weird and wandering. I know. I still love him, though.


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