The Reluctant Kale Eater


Blossom Darling (me) is one half of the Darling Sisters, owners of the Darling Sisters Online Boutique. For many years the Darlings have been vintage girls-about-Canberra, at various times running a Charm and Deportment Salon, running an online shop and a dear little fashion boutique.


This is me. Being grumpy. In a hat. And I hurt.

Then I got sick. Well, I’d had at least one autoimmune illness for decades, but abruptly another one became acute, and coincided with some increasing chronic pain from old injuries and one thing led to another and suddenly I was in 24/7 rotten, startling, grumpifying pain. Pain that seems extremely resistant to all attempts to fix it.

Now my life has turned into a series of new challenges: how can I learn to manage chronic illness and pain, and stay true to the Darling aesthetic of simple, cosy, classical vintage-inspired lifestyle?

The answer is, with great difficulty.

I have been considering doing a lifestyle-and-health blog for some time. Which is odd, because I often hate-read such things, growling about how trendy everything is and how, if any of the cool young healthy people who write them could spend a single day – nay, hour – in my body, they’d be curled in a foetal position in that dratted meadow, begging for codeine.

So I have decided it is time for a lifestyle-and-health blog for people like me. Yes, yes, there will be bally kale and superfoods and rubbish like that: these things seem unavoidable in the search for chronic pain management that doesn’t start with begging for a morphine drip, stuff a healthy liver. But that doesn’t mean we have to go about and skite about it.

This is my story: the story of an ageing fat grumpy aunt with an allergy to anything ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’, and my adventures tippy-toeing into the world of chronic pain management which, alas, is also a seething hotbed of cool, trendy things.

By the way, I’m allergic to mason jars.